今天早上聽到Robin Williams逝世的消息覺得非常突然。之後知道他是自殺的就更stunned。沒想到他一直受到憂鬱症的折磨。

很多人對Robin Williams的印象就是一代笑匠,從”Good Morning Vietnam”, “Mrs. Doubtfire,“Nine Months”, “Night at the Museum”… 多不勝數。

Obama對於Robin Williams逝世的消息有這樣的說法。

“Williams was one of a kind… He made us laugh. He made us cry. He gave his immeasurable talent freely and generously to those who needed it most – from our troops stationed abroad to the marginalized on our own streets.”

He made us laugh. He made us cry.

炯叔叔對Robin Williams印象最深刻的電影也不是笑片,是他讓我感動到哭的電影。說幾套我喜歡的

Good Will Hunting

Williams 扮演的心理學家Sean Maguire幫助天才Will Hunting(Matt Damon)找到人生方向。

[其他亮點:這電影就是Matt Damon和Ben Affleck一起寫劇本和進入影壇的踏腳石]


他飾演一個很introverted的 醫生Dr. Malcolm Sayer。Sayer後來幫患有Encephalitis lethargica的病人從過新生和他與Robert De Niro飾演的Leonard Lowe建立了一段友情。之後從病好滿懷希望到病又復發的失望絕望,他真的演得很好。

[其他亮點:這電影的其他亮點當然就是Robert De Niro。當年我看完Robert De Niro的精彩「抽搐」演技後,我真是突然覺得鄭則仕在「肥貓」裡的演出太浮誇太表面了(BTW, 如果說扮「低能仔」最出色的,炯叔叔覺得應該是Leonardo DiCaprio在” What’s Eating Gilbert Grape”的演出。好戲到呢,你真係會覺得DiCaprio係低能嘅]

Robin Williams除了他可以讓你哭以外,他也可以讓你很怕。


在“Insomnia”和“One Hour Photo”裡飾演psycho killer, 真係好冷好變態!

[其他亮點:“Insomnia”是Christopher Nolan繼2000成名作“Memento”之後的作品,算是擺脫了“Following”和“Memento”那種Reverse chronology的敘述手法的第一部電影]

其實Robin Williams除了拍電影電視以外(我最後看他的電視是2013年拍的一套sitcomThe Crazy Ones”), Williams也有做standup comedy。其中一個大型的叫“Weapons Of Self Destruction”。在這個表演裡,你也可以看到他的political views


“I have my morning coffee for two reasons. One, to kick start my brain, but number two, and more importantly, to jump start my colon.”

“What the fuck!” It’s like, “Wow! And then what did he do?” Well, he took a lot of vacations. “And then what happened?” We got attacked. “By who?” Osama bin Laden. “That guy from Afghanistan? Didn’t we used to send him weapons?” Yeah, I know! “We went after him, right?” Yeah. “Did we get him?” Almost.

If you have an older relative living with you that has dementia, and the telemarketers are calling, put her on the phone with the telemarketers. It works! After two hours, she thinks she’s talking to your long-lost cousin Carl, and the fucking telemarketers will NEVER call back again.

Do you get the feeling with Sarah Palin, in high school, she was voted least likely to write a book and most likely to burn one?

If you want comedy, there is always Sarah Palin.

一代笑匠,說到低不能不說一下他的搞笑本領。你們知不知道Robin Williams有一個技能,就是模仿其他國家的人的accent。你們看看。

Robin Williams on The Ellen DeGeneres Show

Robin WilliamsAmerican Idol的特別演出

Oh, one more。

Robin WilliamsBilly Crystal在“Friends”的客串演出。(他們倆當時只是路過,後來給人捉住爆肚演出)

Robin Williams, 炯叔叔永遠懷念你。

p.s 其實要寫Robin Williams可以寫很多很多,譬如說他客串的”August Rush”也很好看。噢,還有”Dead Poets Society”, “Bicentennial Man”。。。真是寫幾天也寫不完。。。

p.p.s. 今年不知道發生什麼事,炯叔叔兩個很喜歡的演員也過身。Philip Hoffman在2月離開,現在到Robin Williams。真可惜。