林老師一句”What the fuck!”之後,全城不同媒體、blogs、評論也用上了WTF。


好!叔叔今天就幫大家補補課,讓你隨時即學即用,繼續"霍霍聲"咁對抗紅色勢力!(or 比人鬧G完你都知呀 )

· 2FF Too F***ing Funny

· 4Q F*** You

· AFD All F***ing Day

· AFDN Any F***ing Day Now

· AFGO Another F***ing Growth Opportunity

· AFT About F***ing Time

· AFU All F***ed Up

· AMF Adios, Mother F***er

· ASAFP As Soon As F***ing Possible

· AYFKM Are You F***ing Kidding Me?

· AYFS Are You F***ing Serious

· BAF Bored As F***

· BAMF Bad Ass Mother F***er

· BAQ Alternative word for f***, s**t, etc

· BFC Big F***ing Can (of 32 oz.Monster energy drink)

· BFD Big F***ing Deal

· BFE Bum F*** Egypt, in the middle of nowhere

· BFFF Best F***ing Friends Forever

· BFFFL Best F***ing Friends For Life

· BFG Big F***ing Gun

· BFS Bull F***ing S**t

· BFU Butt F***ing Ugly

· BILF Brother/Boss I’d Like to F***

· BTFO Back The F*** Off

· BTFU Boiler The F*** Up

· BTFW By The F***ing Way

· BUFU Butt F***

· CBF Can’t Be F***ed

· CBFA Can’t Be F***ing Arsed

· CBFB Can’t Be F***ing Bothered

· CDFU Cracking Da F*** Up

· CF Cluster F***

· CFM Come F*** Me

· CFMN Come F*** Me Now

· CFMP Come F*** Me Pumps

· CFU Completely F***ing Useless

· CFW Can’t F***ing Wait

· CHUCK Chill as F***

· CRAFT Can’t Remember A F***ing Thing

· CTFD Calm The F*** Down

· CTFO Chill The F*** Out

· CTFU Cracking The F*** Up/Cheer The F*** Up

· DAF Drunk As F***

· DASF Drunk As F***

· DFC Don’t F***ing Care

· DFH Dirty F***ing Hippy

· DFKDFC Don’t F***ing Know, Don’t F***ing Care

· DFKM Don’t F***ing Kill Me

· DFL Dead F***ing Last

· DFWM Don’t F*** With Me

· DGAF Don’t Give A F***

· DGF Don’t Give a F***

· DHAFC Don’t Have A F***ing Clue

· DILF Dad I’d Like to F***

· DILLIGAF Do I Look Like I Give A F***?

· DMF Dumb Mother F***er

· DNFD Do Not F***ing Disturb

· DO ONE Go away, f*** off

· DO1 Go away, f*** off

· DTF Down To F***

· DTMFA Dump The Mother F***ker Already

· EF F***

· EFF F***

· EFFIN F***ing

· EMFDYSI English, Mother F***ker! Do You Speak It?

· ESADMF Eat S**t And Die, Mother F***er

· F F***

· F’N F***ing

· F***ING A F***ing Affirmative

· F-BOMB F***

· FAF Funny As F***

· FAHQ F*** You

· FAK F***

· FANTA F*** And Never Touch Again

· FATS F*** All This S**t

· FBGM F*** Bitches, Get Money

· FBS F***ing Bulls**t

· FDS F*** Dat S**t

· FECK F***

· FEEK Kiss, f***

· FFS For F**** Sake

· FFT Fan F***ing Tastic

· FGI F***ing Google It

· FHL F*** His/Her Life

· FIA F*** It All

· FIDIOT F***ing Idiot

· FIDO F*** It, Drive On

· FIG JAM F*** I’m Good Just Ask Me

· FIGJAM F*** I’m Good, Just Ask Me

· FIGMO F*** It, Got My Orders

· FIIK F*** If I Know

· FILF Father I’d Like to F***

· FITCH F***ing bitch

· FITFO Figure It The F*** Out

· FITH F***ed In The Head

· FKN F***ing

· FKU F*** You

· FLIPPING Mild version of F***ing

· FLML F***ing Love My Life

· FLOVE F***ing Love

· FMC F*** My Computer

· FMD F*** Me Dead

· FMFL F*** My F***ing Life

· FML F*** My Life

· FMLIA F***, My Life Is Average

· FMLL F*** My Love Life

· FMMFL F*** My Mother F***ing Life

· FMN F*** Me Now

· FMP F*** Me Pumps

· FMS F*** Me Sideways

· FMSL F*** My Sex Life

· FN F***ing

· FNG F***ing New Guy

· FO F*** Off

· FOAD F*** Off And Die

· FOCUS F*** Off Cause You’re Stupid

· FOD F*** Off and Die

· FOFF F*** Off

· FOH F*** Outa Here

· FOL F*** Our Lives

· FOOK F***

· FOYC F*** Off You C***

· FOYL F*** Off You Loser

· FPMSL F***ing Pissed Myself Lauging

· FQ F*** You

· FRIGGIN Replacement word for F***ing

· FSS F***ing Super Sweet

· FTB F*** the BS

· FTBS F*** This BS

· FTFA From The F***ing Article

· FTFL For The F***ing Lose

· FTFO F*** The F*** Off

· FTFW For The F***ing Win

· FTMFW For The Mother F***ing Win

· FTS F*** This Shit

· FU F*** You

· FU2 F*** You Too

· FUAH F*** You Ass Hole

· FUBR F***ed Up Beyond Recognition

· FUDGE Alternative to F***

· FUG F***ing Ugly

· FUGLY F***ing Ugly

· FUGS F***ing Ugly

· FUI F***ed Up Individual

· FUK F***

· FUMF F*** You Mother F***er

· FUMTU F***ed Up More Than Usual

· FURB F*** You Right Back

· FUSTER CLUCK Cluster F***

· FUUU F***

· FUV F*** You Vehicle (derogatory term for SUV)

· FUX F***

· FVCK F***

· FWM F*** With Me

· FWU F****** With You

· FWY F***ing With You

· FY F*** You

· FYAD F*** You And Die

· FYB F*** You, Bitch

· FYF F*** Your Face

· FYFI For Your F***ing Information

· FYL F*** Your Life

· FYMM F*** You, My Man

· FYS F*** Yo Shit

· FYYFF F*** You, You F***ing F***

· GAF Give A F***

· GAFL Get A F***ing Life

· GAFMO Get A F***ing Move On

· GFAC Go F*** A Cow

· GFAD Go F*** A Duck

· GFD God F***ing Damnit

· GFDI God F***ing Damn It

· GFG Good F***ing Game

· GFGI Go F***ing Google It

· GFL Good F***ing Luck

· GFS Good F***ing Story

· GFUS Go F*** Yourself

· GFYM Go F*** Your Mother

· GFYS Go F*** Yourself

· GILF Grandmother I’d Like to F***

· GIMF Google It Mother F***er

· GMAFB Give Me A F***ing Break

· GMFB Get Money, F*** Bitches

· GQMF GQ Mother F***er

· GTF Get The F***

· GTFA Get The F*** Away

· GTFAFM Get The F*** Away From Me

· GTFB Get The F*** Back

· GTFG Go To F***ing Google

· GTFH Go To F***ing Hell

· GTFI Get The F*** In

· GTFOH Get The F*** Out of Here

· GTFOI Get The F*** Over It

· GTFOM Get The F*** Off Me

· GTFOOH Get The F*** Out Of Here

· GTFU Grow The F*** Up

· HAF Hot As F***

· HBF Hand Butt F***

· HFN Hell, F*** No

· HFS Holy F***ing S**t

· HMFIC Head Mother F***er In Charge

· HSMF Holy S**t Mother F***er

· HTF How The F***?

· HTFDIK How The F*** Do I Know?

· HTFSIK How The F*** Should I Know

· HTFU Hurry The F*** Up

· HWDP Huj W Dupe Policji (Polish – F*** the police)

· IDFC I Don’t F***ing Care

· IDFGAS I Don’t F***ing Give A S**t

· IDFK I Don’t F***ing Know

· IDGAF I Don’t Give A F***

· IDGAFF I Don’t Give A Flying F***

· IDRGAF I Don’t Really Give A F***

· IFC In F***ing Control

· IFHML I F***ing Hate My Life

· IFHY I F***ing Hate You

· IFLU I F***ing Love You

· IFLY I F***ing Love You

· IHNFC I Have No F***ing Clue

· IHTFP I Hate This F***ing Place

· IJDGAF I Just Don’t Give A F***

· ILF I’d Like to F***

· ILUSFM I Love You So F***ing Much

· ILYSFM I Love You So F***ing Much

· IMFA In My F***ing Ass

· IMFAO In My F***ing Arrogant Opinion

· IMFO In My F***ing Opinion

· IMYSFM I Miss You So F***ing Much

· IRDGAF I Really Don’t Give A F***

· IWF I Wanna F***

· IWFU I Wanna F*** You

· IWTFY I Want To F*** You

· JAFO Just Another F***ing Observer

· JBF Just Been F***ed

· JFC Jesus F***ing Christ

· JFDI Just F***ing Do It

· JFGI Just F***ing Google It

· JFWY Just F***ing With You

· JTFO Joked The F*** Out

· KCUF F*** backwards

· KMFA Kiss My F***ing Ass

· KMFT Kiss My F***ing Teeth

· KTFO Knocked The F*** Out

· LAGNAF Let’s All Get Naked And F***

· LAMF Like A Mother F***er

· LFD Long F***ing Day

· LIGAF Like I Give A F***

· LLAMF Laughing Like A Mother F***er

· LLF Laughing Like F***

· LMF Little/Lazy Mother F***ker

· LMFAO Laughing My F***ing Ass Off

· LMTFA Leave Me The F*** Alone

· LOFL Laughing Out F***ing Loud

· LSFH Laughing So F***ing Hard

· LYSFM Love You So F***ing Much

· MF Mother F***er

· MFB Mother F***ing Bitch

· MFIC Mother F***er In Charge

· MFK Marry, F***, Kill

· MFN Mother Freaking, Mother F***ing

· MIF Mother I F***ed

· MILF Mother I’d Like to F***

· MLIF My Life Is F***ed

· MMFCL Much Mother F***ing Clown Love

· MMFWCL Much Mother F***ing Wicked Clown Love

· MOFO Mother F***er

· MOFU Mother F***er

· MTFU Man The F*** Up

· MYFB Mind Your F***ing Business

· MYOFB Mind Your Own F***ing Business

· NAFC Not A F***ing Clue

· NFC No F***ing Clue

· NFD No F***ing Doubt

· NFG No F***ing Good

· NFP No F***ing Problem

· NFW No F****** Way

· NITFM Not In The F***ing Mood

· NMFP Not My F***ing Problem

· NOYFB None Of Your F***ing Business

· NVFM Never F***ing Mind

· NWTF Now What The F***?

· OFFS Oh, For F***’s Sake

· OFO Out F***ing Off

· OFP Own F***ing Program

· OFT Oh, F*** That

· OFW Oh F***ing Well

· OFY Oh F*** Yeah

· OMF Oh My F***

· OMFG Oh My F****ing Gosh

· OMFL Oh My F****ing Lord

· OMFW Oh My F***ing Word

· OMGWTFBBQ Oh My God, What The F***, Barbeque

· OMMFG Oh My Mother F***ing God

· PFG Pretty F***ing Good

· PFM Pure F***ing Magic

· PFO Please F*** Off

· PTFO Pass The F*** Out

· QFMFT Quoted for Mother F***ing Truth

· QTF Quit F***ing Talking

· RAF Rough As F***

· REAM F***

· REMF Rear Echelon Mother F***er

· RFN Right F***ing Now

· RMFT Roll Mother F***ing Tide

· ROFFL Rolling On F***ing Floor Laughing

· ROFLMFAO Rolling On Floor Laughing My F***ing A** Off

· ROOT F***

· ROTFLMFAO Rolling On The Floor Laughing My F***ing Ass Off

· RTFA Read the F***ing Article

· RTFD Read The F***ing Description

· RTFF Read The F***ing FAQ

· RTFQ Read The F***ing Question

· RTFS Read The F***ing Source

· RTFT Read The F***ing Thread/Read The F***ing Topic

· RUFKM Are You F***ing Kidding Me

· SCREW F***

· SDFU Shut Da F*** Up

· SFA Sweet F*** All

· SFB So F***ing Bored/S**t For Brains

· SFD S**t, F***, Damn

· SFF So F***ing Funny

· SFM So F***ing Much

· SFU So F***ed Up

· SILF Sister I’d Like to F***

· SMF Sick/Stupid Mother F***er

· SMFD Suck My F***ing Dick

· SMFH Shaking My F***ing Head

· SMFH Shaking My F***ing Head

· SMMFH Shaking My Mother F***ing Head

· SOFA KING So F***ing

· STF Shut The F***

· STFD Sit The F*** Down

· STFG Search The F***ing Google

· STFO Stay The F*** Out

· STFU Shut The F*** Up

· STFUB Shut The F*** Up, Bitch

· STFW Search the F***ing Web/So The F*** What

· STUFU Shut The F*** Up

· SUSFU Situation Unchanged, Still F***ed Up

· SWACK F***

· SYFM Shut Your F***ing Mouth

· TBFH To Be F***ing Honest

· TBQFH To Be Quite F***ing Honest

· TF The F***

· TFB Too F***ing Bad

· TFBS That’s F***ing Bull S**t

· TFF Too F***ing Funny

· TFFS That’s For F***ing Sure

· TFFT Thank F*** For That

· TFG Thank F***ing God

· TFIF Thank F*** It’s Friday

· TFN Total F***ing Nightmare

· TFW The F*** What?

· TIFS This Is F***ing Stupid

· TILF Teacher I’d Like To F***

· TMFD Too Much F***ing Drama

· TMFI Too Much F***ing Information

· TOGTFO Tits Or Get The F*** Out

· TSWGAF Tell Someone Who Gives A F***

· TTF That’s The F***

· TTIF Thank F*** It’s Friday

· TWOFT Total Waste Of F***ing Time

· UFB Un F***ing Believable

· UFI You F***ing Idiot

· UNF Universal Noise of F***ing

· UP YOURS Shut up, f*** off

· UTFG Use The F***ing Google

· VSF Go F*** Yourself in Portuguese

· WAF Wack As F***

· WAFWOT What A F***ing Waste Of Time

· WASF We Are So F***ed

· WDF What Da F***

· WDFA We Don’t F*** Around

· WDFD Whoop Dee F***ing Doo

· WF Wanna F***

· WFC Who F***ing Cares?

· WFO Wide F***ing Open

· WFT Well F*** That

· WGAF Who Gives A F***?

· WGAFF Who Gives A Flying F***

· WILF Wife I’d Like to F***

· WOFTAM Waste Of F***ing Time And Money

· WTAF What The Actual F***

· WTF What The F***?

· WTFAYD What The F*** Are You Doing?

· WTFAYTA What The F*** Are You Talking About?

· WTFC Who the F*** Cares

· WTFE What the F*** Ever

· WTFF What The F***ing F***

· WTFH What The F***ing Hell?

· WTFIGO What The F*** Is Going On?

· WTFITSTM What The F*** Is That Supposed To Mean?

· WTFIUWT What The F*** Is Up With That?

· WTFIWWY What The F*** Is Wrong With You?

· WTFIYP What The F*** Is Your Problem?

· WTFJH What The F*** Just Happened?

· WTFN Why The F*** Not?

· WTFO What The F***, Over

· WTFRU Where The F*** Are You?

· WTFS What The F***ing S**t

· WTFU Wake The F*** Up

· WTFWJD What The F*** Would Jesus Do?

· WTFWT What The F*** Was That?

· WTMF What The Mother F***

· WYFP What’s Your F***ing Problem

· YAFA You Are F***ing Awesome

· YFF You F***ing F***

· YFI You F***ing Idiot

· YFP Your F***ing Problem

· YTF Why The F***?

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